Vote for Kibera

is about the people of Africa’s largest slum who have decided, despite the harsh conditions, to transform their merciless environment into a better place to live. Will they make it through the tensions and violence accompanying the 2017 presidential elections?
Kibera is one of the biggest slums anywhere in Africa. It is an informal settlement within the Kenyan capital of Nairobi that lacks basic community services like potable running water and sewage management. That, however, does not mean that the residents of Kibera are all destined for a life of misfortune. Kibera: The Story of a Slum takes a look at the people who have decided to turn the slum into a better place: artists from the Maasai Mbili collective use their art to give the place an identity and the people the feeling that they know where they belong. Benta, a schoolteacher who is HIV positive, has set up a school for the children of HIV positive families in her own home to help them deal with the stigma they face in life. Another figure is Tanker, a former pro boxer who has established a boxing school for the young people of the slum where he teaches them discipline and self-defense. The narrator of the film is Don – a young photographer who has spent his whole life in the slum. He uses his photography to show that, first and foremost, Kibera is a place with great potential.
Will Kibera be able to keep its image even in the midst of the 2017 presidential elections?

Mapa Kibera
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2018
(section Czech Joy)
Audience Award

Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2018
FIPADOC International Documentary Film Festival
(section International Documentary)

FIPADOC International Documentary Film Festival
Martin Páv

Martin Páv is a young film director, he studied narrative film direction at FAMU and Asian studies and international relations at Metropolitan University Prague. He has worked intensively with the issue of post-colonial identity in the slums of Nairobi and Mumbai.

His work reflects his fascination with two fundamental themes: the relationship between man and nature, and the differences between various cultures and how they influence one another. Kibera: The Story of a Slum is his feature debut as director-screenwriter. He is presently preparing his second feature film, Wolves on the Borders!, which looks at society’s ambivalent attitude towards nature within the context of the reintroduction of the wolf to the Czech countryside.

Zuzana Kučerová

Zuzana Kučerová studied production at FAMU and is currently completing a degree in media studies at Charles University. In addition to producing student films she has also taken part in the production of numerous promotional videos and commercials. She produced the feature documentary about a slum in Africa – Kibera: The Story of a Slum (dir. Martin Páv) and is now working on a documentary about the reintroduction of wolves to the Czech countryside – Wolves on the Borders! (dir. Martin Páv), an animated short by Marek Náprstek named Ant Hill, and a series in development with Adéla Kabelková, Klára Vlasáková, and Radek Hoseinseidl about five friends approaching their thirties, Dear Universe, I’m Impressed. She works in the International Projects Center of Czech Television.
story, international development expert
Eva Krutílková

Eva Krutílková worked in the departments of Developmental Studies and Social Work at Palacký University in Olomouc. She has taken work and private trips to such countries from North Korea to Mexico. Her greatest interest, however, is Kenya, where she first worked in the Kibera slum 8 years ago when still a student.

Her other projects include a didgeridoo festival in a cave and the social welfare enterprise Pragulic Olomouc, where city tours are provided by the homeless.
story, international development expert
Jiří Pasz

Jiří Pasz studied humanitarian aid and social work in Olomouc and International Development in Utrecht. Ha has worked as a social worker with the Roma, on corruption prevention in the Czech Republic, and on destigmatizing the mentally ill. He has photographed punk-rockers in Burma, written on child soldiers in Uganda, and filmed a documentary about prostitutes in Nepal. He specializes in human rights and raising awareness about humanitarian and developmental issues.
story, sound assistant
Rapho Okongo
story, cameraman
Simon Okongo

Brothers Rapho and Simon Okongo grew up near the Kibera slum in Nairobi. They shoot films, mostly about social issues, and music videos. Today their work involves supporting young talents in Kibera. Simmon works with multiple recording studios in Kenya and abroad. Rapho did a television internship in Sweden and now deals with social issues, assisting non-profit organizations in Kenya. Both brothers complement each other and are two of the documentary filmmakers dealing with life, the music scene, and art in Kibera and elsewhere.
Petr Racek

Petr Racek is a Brno patriot and cameraman. His documentary work has dealt primarily with the issue of the (dys)functionality of social and political systems. He is not afraid to take his camera into crisis situations.

Kibera: The Story of a Slum is his debut as a director of photography. Later this year, following the premiere of Kibera, his portfolio will expand again with the release of We Can Do Better than This! (Máme na víc!), which follows the course of the presidential campaign of Michal Horáček. He is currently working intensely on his second feature collaboration with Martin Páv, Wolves on the Borders!, which looks at the delicate relationship between man and nature.

Ondřej Mataj

Matěj Beran

Matěj Beran did his bachelor’s and master’s degree in film editing at FAMU. He has created a number of short fiction films and documentaries and has contributed as an editor to dozens of films and videos for the internet, television, and the cinema. In addition to films he also enjoys reading, music, and travel.
sound engineer
Adam Bláha

Adam is a fresh graduate of the Department of Sound Design at FAMU. He has a number of student films to his name, both animated and live-action, and particularly a number of documentaries. At last year’s Famufest he won the award for best sound design with the film A Gathering of Friends over Sports (Přátelské setkaní nad sportem). In addition to recording and producing sound for films, he works with music and peripherally with theater and performance art, too. He is also the guitarist of the cult band Übel.
main protagonist
Donwilson Odhiambo

Donwilson Odhiambo was born into a family of 14 children in one of Africa’s largest slums, Kibera, in Nairobi. After the death of his mother when he was a teenager, he found himself on the street. He started writing a blog about life in the slum and later began taking pictures as well. He tries to take a balanced approach to his depictions of life under the tough conditions of poverty and deprivation, wanting to show it in all its color and diversity, both the difficult and the good sides. Don is an up-and-coming talent of African photography and his photographs are gradually finding their way to a global public. He is currently taking part in World Press Photo exhibit in New York entitled “African Photojournalism Database” as well as the LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hanover.
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production and distribution were supported by the Czech Film Fund.

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initial funding was crowdsourced through the Hithit campaign

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